About Us

Our Journey

The Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club is based in Denver, Colorado and was founded by Bill O’Meara in 2018. As a young sales professional back in the early 1990’s, Bill was lucky enough to be included in a ski club consisting of a handful of the top sales people and high-profile clients within the high-tech industry. His days on the mountain with this group created lasting business relationships and forever changed his perception of sales.

Bill found that during the course of a single day on the mountain, more opportunities were uncovered, more business was developed, and more lasting friendships and memories were created than the rest of the days of the month combined. Work became play, business acquaintances became life-long friends, and there was a natural and organic work / life integration. This was all because of the magic of the mountain and by combining his euphoric passion for skiing with other business professionals in his industry who shared that same passion.

Starting in 2016, Bill had thought about recreating his experience from the early 90s, and finally pulled the trigger in October 2018 with the hope of getting a dozen people to join him. By the end of the 2018/2019 season, 53 people from 35 different companies participated in the inaugural year of the Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club. The magic was back with a force even stronger than he remembered and the passion of the group was palpable.

Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club, aka “The Bizdevski’s,” has five days on the mountain scheduled in 2020 which will include food, drinks, and of course a collection of the most fun-loving characters and successful people within the commercial development industry in Colorado. A number of other events off the mountain are scheduled throughout the year, including the Warren Miller Ski Movie at the Paramount Theater in Denver and the Annual Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club “Field Day.”

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the power and success of this group. Please reach out if you’d like to learn more or even come join us on the mountain!

Mission Statement

To bring together and inspire Business Development leaders within the Commercial Development industry in Colorado by combining a passion for skiing & snowboarding with networking alongside some of the most dynamic, giving, and fun people in our industry.

The Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club taps into an indescribable passion within us and helps us to do our jobs in a way that makes a difference.

“We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better.”

Steve Jobs

The Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club’s Vision is…

To develop the most valuable and passionate networking group in Colorado specifically targeted at the commercial development industry. To build lasting relationships and a high level of success for all members.

Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club Goals:

  1. Provide business development professionals the opportunity to combine their passion for skiing alongside peers from synergistic and complementary companies.
  2. Maintain a devotion to supporting others within the group with a “give first” mentality.
  3. Cultivate genuine trusted relationships which will lead to tapping into each other’s individual networks and growing our personal networks exponentially.
  4. Develop a world-class networking group fueled by a common passion for skiing and snowboarding.
  5. Give back to the community through a non-profit organization called First Descents. Share the passion we have in our hearts from skiing and snowboarding with young adults suffering from cancer.
  6. Achieve organizational excellence and long-term financial sustainability.

A Note From Our Founder

“The Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club taps into an indescribable passion within us and helps us to do our jobs in a way that makes a difference.”

Bill O’Meara

Our Mascot

His name is “Bizdevski” and he represents us perfectly. Fun, cool, passionate, confident, giving, and someone you’ll always want on your side.