Become a Member of Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club

The immediate goal of the Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club is to become the most valuable networking group for Business Developers and individuals in charge of driving revenues for their companies within the commercial development industry.

By becoming an annual member you will be introduced to top Biz Dev and Sales leaders in a meaningful way to help foster lasting business relationships, create lifelong friendships, and limitless business opportunities.

What’s Included in your Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club Membership

  • Exclusive access to networking opportunities, COVID Friendly events as well as digitally with our online social media aspect of the site
  • Connecting and growing with top tier individuals within the commercial development industry in Colorado
  • Harboring lifelong relationships and mentorships
  • Sharing passion for business, skiing and snowboarding, alongside supporting others in and around the community
  • Annual Season Kickoff Lunch
  • 5 Organized Business Development Club Ski Days
    • Breakfast Burritos & Picnic Lunch each Ski Day
    • Annual Summer BBQ
    • Yearly Biz Dev Ski Branded Apparel
    • Access to additional events at special member pricing
    • Perks as provided by our Sponsors!

Ready to Join?

The Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club offers a fantastic opportunity for connection, growth and synergy with the most fun-loving characters and successful people within the commercial development industry in Colorado. We want to ensure that our recruiting process pairs the group with individuals that fit harmoniously alongside our vision. Our recruiting process includes an initial inquiry from interested individuals with a few short questions about yourself which is reviewed by our team. We will then be in contact directly to set up a meeting. By submitting a request to join, we will hopefully learn more about each other along the way.

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