Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I have a guest?

All guests are allowed to attend 1 Biz Dev event per season at $50.00 per event. If your guest is interested in attending multiple events, we highly recommend requesting to join the Club to receive the full benefits of the group. Guests are responsible for their own ski tickets or passes and also responsible for their own equipment needed for the outing. All guests need to be referred by a member in good standing and must RSVP for what event they are attending.

Guest passes can be purchased here. You can also register yourself and guests on this page.

Q: Are there refunds for specific events?

Your annual membership covers the vast majority of our events for the entire year. If there is a special event with a cost associated and you need to cancel, please call or email Bill O’Meara for a refund. Most special events are planned far in advance based on paid registrations so we encourage you to attend or donate the fee for that event to the Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club.

Do I need to register for every event?

Yes, please RSVP for each event and let us know you are coming. This can be done by simply filling out the RSVP form on the event page that you attending. Please see events.

Q: Can I Join the Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club anytime during the year?

Yes! We have phenomenal events planned year round. The annual membership price remains the same and you will be reminded one month in advance each year when your annual membership fee is due.

Q: Is food included on ski days?

You can always count on breakfast burritos and coffee for the ride up to the mountain and a picnic lunch.

Q: How can I sponsor an event or become a premier sponsor of the Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club?

Please visit the Sponsor Us page on the website. There are Event Sponsorships, which help us with things like supplying breakfast, lunch, or a Happy Hour. There are also Corporate Sponsorships available to help our club thrive.

Q: What if I can’t meet at the Dinosaur lot in the morning of the event? Can I still join you later?

Sure! We have designated meeting times and places in the morning, at lunch, and Apres Ski where we all try to meet, hang out and network. Members will be notified of event details prior to the day of an event.

Q: Do I need an IKON or EPIC pass?

We plan on 3 EPIC Resort days and 2 IKON days for the 2021 season. All members and their guests are responsible for their own ski tickets or passes. All members and their guests are also responsible for their own equipment needed for the outing.