Annual Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club Membership – 2022

$250.00 for 1 year



What’s Included in your Biz Dev Ski & Snowboard Club Membership

  • Exclusive access to networking opportunities, COVID friendly events as well as digitally with our online social media aspect of the site
  • Connecting and growing with top tier individuals within the commercial development industry in Colorado
  • Harboring lifelong relationships and mentorships
  • Sharing passion for business, skiing and snowboarding, alongside supporting others in and around the community.
  • Annual Season Kickoff Lunch
  • 5 Organized Business Development Club Ski Days
  • Breakfast Burritos &ampl Picnic Lunch each Ski Day
  • Annual Summer BBQ
  • Yearly Biz Dev Ski Branded Apparel
  • Access to additional events at special member pricing
  • Perks as provided by our Sponsors!